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Programs for Math-Supporting

  • Positioning your company into present competition

    We can discus with you about products or services provided by you and find out those sizes, the so called competition variables, for your business. By this way you can pay attention to sizes with critical value for reliable forecasting and successful decision making. After the above analysis, you can continue collaborating with us and buy one of our specific service packages.

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  • Estimation for yours future market-share

    We can estimate the dynamic route of your market share, ascending or descending, and also the time remaining until reaching the upper or lower limit, in order to know the exact life-time phase in which your product or service in market exists. Then it' s up to you to decide about it.

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  • Estimation for the size of a future newmarket

    According to international data, given by you to us, we can estimate the expected whole size of a new market, not existing now in Greece, and also the time needed until reaching it. We can give you reliable estimations (not predictions), in order to be able deciding about importing or not the new market in Greece. (New market = New Product or New Service).

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  • You are a monopoly in your field
  • Only 1 competitor exists in your field
  • Many competitors exist in your field
    After buying the present package of math-services you can be most certain that you `ll not be under surprises, about your share.

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  • Stock Exchange Estimation Services

    We can estimate the mid and long term behavior of a Stock Exchange, with data given from you. Except temporary ascending or descending events, you will be able to know approximately when the ascending or descending route will finish. In addition, you 'll have long term estimations, useful for derivative products. The same analysis can be done for a stock branch or a portfolio. We emphasize that we don' t supply short-term estimations.

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  • Full program for math-supporting your company

    You can also buy the full math-supporting service package. We start with positioning into competition and continue with all the competition variables that you want us to study and estimate. The full package is suggested for business without having any similar support in the past and also for complex business, i.e. business with both products and services provided by them.

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