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Programs for Math-Supporting

Positioning your company into present competition
  • Learn the competition variables of your field.
  • Change the way of thinking and take advantages from maths.
Estimation for the future size of the whole present market
  • Learn the maximum limit of the market, learn when satiation comes.
  • Decide if you stay in, out or enter the market.
Estimation for yours future market-share
  • Learn the phase of the product' s life - circle now.
  • Learn when the maximum/minimum will come and how much will be.
Estimation for the size of a future new market.
  • Know what should expect importing something new in Greece.
  • Learn the expected maximum and when it will come.
Competition Analysis: 0 - 1 - more competitors
  • Did you get into a new market? Learn the time needed to get the desirable market share.
  • Do you feel your only competitor just behind you? Learn if and when he ΄ll overtake you.
Stock Exchange Estimation Services
  • Learn the long - term behavior of a Stock Exchange.
  • Find when the ascending or descending route will end.
Full program for math-supporting your company
  • Starting from point zero take full advantage of our math services in order to forecast everything you are interested in.
Updating previous results with new data
  • Take better estimations using new data.
Students' math-support
  • Mathematics for students, but not only for them., ©2000-2014 - Terms of Use