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  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • We use especial non-linear methods, because the whole nature is non-linear and because we are interested for the long-term behavior of a system.
  • The specific method depends on the nature of the specific system, i.e. the kind of competition being examined, or the time-flow, or the hidden correlation of parameters.

  • The long-term or global behavior of sizes that are competition variables, i.e. come from a specific competition model, such as Lotka-Volterra eqs or other .
  • The total upper or lower limit of a size, depending on the increasing or decreasing nature of it.
  • The whole time needed reaching the above limits.
  • The whole size of the market vs your own market part.

  • What is the charge for your math-services?

    Our charge is for each work-step we do for you and work-steps are presented in 'services' section of the site.

    Notice that probably not all presented work-steps are necessary for your business.

    Contact us for describing the specific steps you need.

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